24. Oktober 2011

What's in a name?

Auf der tumblr-Seite einer Kommilitonin habe ich etwas sehr spannendes gefunden. Und zwar kann man bei Urban Dictionary seinen Vornamen suchen. Die Ergebnisse reichen dabei von absolut schmeichelhaft, über lustig-skurril bis hin zu gemein. Über mich heißt es dort zum Beispiel (auszugsweise):
  1. smiles alot and knows how to make other people smile around her, loves to laugh, knows how to make people laugh; generous and kind
  2. natural leader and is quick to decide on matters; her first initive is always right
  3. people see her as an exciting, rather impulsive personality; she is bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything, someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure; people enjoy being in her company because of the excitement that radiates
  4. unique, a different girl
  5. loves accents <----------- this is soooo true!
  6. random, good dresser, and music obsessed, pretty
  7. But also if you mess with her you will get your ass beat!
Und wie gesagt, seltsame Sachen kommen auch dabei heraus...
  • an individual who partakes in intercourse with bald men... preferrably irish
  • Large breasts big mouth!
Wozu man diese Suche aber auch benutzten kann ist: die geheime Identität seines Freundes zu checken:
A creature from the Machine world. Forged from the hardest steels of Croatia and the densest irons of Serbia, this unstoppable force destroys all in it's path. Distantly related to it's American counter-part, Hugh. Socially inept due to it's tendancy to kill people. Has a strong dis-like of slags.Has large radar-like ears in order to hear if "the threat from the east" approaches. Liable to injury, £7 Billion of the taxpayer's money spent on it's healthcare.
*husthust* Schatz?

Und, was steht über Euch so drin?

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